Corona Downloads


Corona Downloads

Download our FAQ about what and how to communicate with your employees, about variations of leave, work-life balance and terms & conditions. And a separate download with all information on the NOW fund (for dutch companies).

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Corona Impact FAQ NOW Fund Information
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Our manifesto for adaptive HR

For Dutch please click here: De visie van VIE

Energised work ethic and inspirational growth

HR (Human Resources), People Operations, People & Culture - whatever you want to call our work, what matters to us is a "high performance culture" with inspiring leadership.
Growing an organization in an inspirational manner doesn’t always have to be about increasing turnover or employees. It can also refer to growth in quality and / or impact, preferably all at the same time 😉

What we do:

The way we work is not by telling you what to do, or doing what you say. We’re not interested in showing you our finest powerpoint presentation. Instead, we implement and work together side-by-side  with you to get things done (VIE’s core value 1: ‘doing together’ and core value 3: ‘genuinely direct’).

Great structure for fast-growing companies

The whole HR profession covers a broad field. We love structure and handle the different phases in business growth  really well. Meaning you don't have to do everything at once. We keep things clear. If you are a small group,  there’s no point building a fancy remuneration  system. We suggest avoiding the issues of the day, falling into long existing pitfalls. If you scroll down, you can find our “HR road to scale up phase model” here.  We have already assisted more than one hundred start-ups & scale-ups and even helped create a unicorn. Every day we work on improving our approach (VIE’s core value 2: make things better).

Vision and are customer-orientation

We’re fully invested in our field, ensuring we are visionaries when it comes to forming opinions. We’ll hold a mirror against your business and discuss the best approach with you. We have found, through past experience, that our clients listen to our feedback. Of course you make the decision in the end. (VIE core value 3: genuinely direct)

You too can build a better world

Within VIE and as a B Corp, we contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It’s in our blood - and not something you have to consciously choose for. There are simple ways to support these goals. For example, by providing opportunities for both you and your employees to learn and improve, you facilitate and increase in this way possibilities within the labor market, increasing the prospect of a higher salary. You become an attractive organization - with a team who wants to stay, rather than feeling ‘stuck’ in a job. This in turn, contributes to SDG 8: decent work & economic growth. We measure our progress and impact and adjust accordingly. What we do together really makes a difference.

Technology and scientific insights

We base our approach on the latest (scientific) insights and technologies. Through our satirical campaign we illustrate how things should not be done! On the other hand, you can listen to our podcast the workprofessor (in Dutch), created together with BNR (national Business News Radio station in The Netherlands), to discover how things should be done. You might  also want to take a look at our site.

Inspiring Growth
Support organisations in growth and create value and impact for their employees and customers by winning people strategies
Roland Pechtold
"I have been working with VIE for 15 years now. They are flexible and willful, have their own vision. In our collaboration we see eye to eye, are open to feedback from both sides and learn from each other. And as a result I have seen several companies become much better in a short time frame. Two thumbs up!"

Roland Pechtold


CEO Groenleven

Jeroen van Erp
"My 30th employee was a 'VIE expert'. According to me, could have been the 15th!"

Jeroen van Erp


Creatief directeur Fabrique

Siete Hamminga
“We’re too small to have all different HR aspects in house. But we’re too big not to have that. VIE people was our answer.”

Siete Hamminga


CEO Robin Radar

Make it work

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