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What VIE People learned from UNLEASH (former HR TECH WORLD) in Paris October 2019‍


October 31, 2019

August 26, 2020

We went to UNLEASH (read below if you’ve never heard of UNLEASH) in Paris and have had a great time. It’s fun to be in Paris for 2 days and only have discussions on; what’s new, inspiring, impressing or disappointing?  As always we have critical notes as well. Why o why are 20% of the startups focussing on solutions for non-urgent problems? They add nothing to the current market! 

We missed a people analytics tool, for small and medium sized companies. The current tools focus on larger enterprises and the pricing of their solutions is still extremely high (for smaller companies).

Furthermore, even though keynote speakers Josh Bersin and Bob Geldof were as inspiring as always, there wasn't a lot of interaction during their breakout sessions. We would have preferred to see more workshops instead of talks.

Remember these HR Tech tools

We had good conversations, it was fun meeting new people, and were happy to see the evolvement in HR Tech with our own eyes. Below you'll find a selection of the best (and ready to use) new HR Tech tools we spotted.

Real Links

Ever tried referral recruitment and stuff like “find a friend bonus”? We have, and it’s always a pain. It starts with good intentions but the result is disappointing. Real Links automatically matches your employees social networks with current vacancies, giving you access to a wide talent pool. Real Links provides an easy way to ask employees to introduce the vacancy to their friends and adds gamification elements. 

Talent Swot

A solution with the help of Natural Language processing.  Talent Swot reads the candidates writing and turns it into a personality profile. Talent Swot uses a chatbot and the candidates resume to collect the writing in order to smooth out the candidates experience. We tried it, very promising!

Talent Alpha

The winner of the Startup Competition 2019 (our founder Wendy was on the judging panel). Do you need an experienced team of developers for a project? Talent Alpha knows them and gets global enterprises in contact with software houses through their platform. It’s more a marketplace than an actual human talent platform. It’s smart to open up the smaller IT companies availability to the corporate needs. 


Do you use Indeed or Facebook Jobs? Using their native apply option results in all applications ending up in your email instead of your ATS. JobSync solves this by offering a technique with which candidates can use the native apply option without needing to click one, two, three, or four times to end up at  your landing page or ATS, and  simultaneously sends the input correctly to your ATS. Two birds with one stone. 


Self managed organizations use Holaspirit to define what their current organization structure is, and what roles are performed by whom. Holaspirit helps you visualize your company and define who does what. Finally a good competitor for Glassfrog

See you in London next year? Or attend the HR Tech Meetups in The Netherlands to keep up to speed. 

Never heard about UNLEASH?

The expo hall at UNLEASH is a collection of established names in HR Tech and new and upcoming startups. UNLEASH was called HR Tech World up till a few years ago. Visualize huge (and a bit over the top) stands from companies like Workday, SAP and Oracle. Small booths and tables for the start- and scaleups in HR Tech. 4400 attendees, 200+ solution providers, 100 startups, 250+ speakers.

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