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‘We’re more productive and efficient than ever before’ 

Organization & Teams


May 8, 2020

August 26, 2020

For Otto Lodewijk, director of SuitIT, the crisis has been a chance to evaluate the working process of his employees.  

How do you stay calm – as a person and as a CEO?

‘For me the lockdown didn’t come as a shock. I had been in close contact with people from the Entrepreneurs Organization. There were a lot of signs that the virus wasn’t only a Chinese problem, that it was going to spread.  

Being a company that helps customers with organizing their IT at home and in the office, the current crisis meant that we’ve been busier than ever before. For three full days me and my team worked until the evening to help our customers with working remote and answer all their questions.

One week earlier, we sent all our clients an alcohol disinfectant bottle labeled “SuitIT Anti-Virus” – a playful way to show that we were there for them. We strongly felt the need to help our customers out.

As for my own peace of mind, I try to limit my screen time where possible. I take time for my lunch and I combine working from home with working from the office – it is big enough to practice social distancing between co-workers. I find the variety in work environment very pleasant.’

How do you navigate between operating in the short term and the long term?

‘Not only our customers, me and my team had to start working remote as well. That was surprisingly easy – we were on board in no time. Everyone has a laptop, we do our daily huddles through Microsoft Teams and if people want to, they’re allowed to take their office chair to their homes.

Operating in the long term has become more complex, because no one knows how the economy is going to look like. Even though our business hasn’t suffered from the crisis, we cutting down where we can – just to be sure.’

How do you keep your team motivated?

‘At first I wasn’t too excited by the idea of everyone work from home. Not because I don’t trust my employees, but because I always thought we needed to be physically near each other to do our jobs – for brain picking and fast problem solving.

The truth is that we’ve become more efficient and productive than ever before. The crisis was a chance to evaluate the working process and some of the changes we made have proven to be very effective.

For some, working from home is more challenging than for others. Since our office is big enough and we’re a pretty small team – twelve people – we now work from home and office in shifts. I think that’s how the future of work is going to look like.’

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