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Top 5 creative Holiday celebrations during lockdown

Organization & Teams


December 16, 2020

December 17, 2020

Idea #1: A star-chefs dinner at home 

Unfortunately, there are currently many restaurants that are struggling to keep their heads above the water. A lot of them offer dinner boxes with exclusive ingredients to finish off at home. This way, you can organize a live cooking session with your star-chef and team mates. Deliver, together with the dinner box, a chef’s hat and apron for special effects and cool pictures. Now, the knife cuts two ways: supporting your locals and eating great food with your teamies.  

Idea #2: Cabaret on the couch 

Comedians don’t have any big events planned, so why not hire a good comedian to write a funny evaluation of the year? Organize a live streaming session so everyone can watch it from the couch. Send some exclusive bites from a good caterer and enjoy the show. 

Idea #3: A trip down mystery lane

Drive a car route and solve the mystery. Give everybody an envelope with questions to be answered about team members and the organization. Every answer leads to another place where they can find a clue to solve parts of the mystery. Organize pit stops along the way with gluhwein, hot chocolate and hotdogs. At the end of the route, the employees receive a Christmas present and a personal compliment.

Idea #4: Drive-in movie night 

Or what about an old fashioned drive-in movie night? There are several companies capable of facilitating this. Just open Google and find it out. Don’t forget to drop some popcorn, soda drinks, Doritos, and candy through the window. The movie-sounds will come from your radio, so you can stay warm and comfy in your car. 

Idea #5: Good old Christmas Carols 

If you don’t take yourself too seriously and you are in for a good laugh, then let your nightingale voice out and surprise your employees. We definitely advise you to hire some vocalists for extra support. Go from door to door or create a meeting place in different cities where you bring the employees together (with enough distance of course). Do it together with your MT and split up if you have many employees. Handover a nice bottle of champagne and a hand-written card with a compliment. I bet the employees will film you and share it on social media; good for employer branding too ;) 

Whatever you decide to organize, make sure:
-to think of the vibe and outcome you want to cultivate
-to thank your team personally
-to let go of the formalities and do something unexpected

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

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