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Corona Downloads

Download our FAQ about what and how to communicate with your employees, about variations of leave, work-life balance and terms & conditions. And a separate download with all information on the NOW fund (for dutch companies).

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Tomorrow’s office

Organization & Teams


October 30, 2020

November 2, 2020

Sometimes we choose to work at the office or visit a client. Driving on the highway in the early morning gives a nostalgic feeling. But something changed. The ones so dynamic office buildings look deserted and dark. They are big piles of stones without a purpose. What will their future look like?

We thought that working from home would be a luxury and it is for two, max. three days a week. Besides, forced things are never fun, we people need freedom of choice. Here we are, again, working from home, no Friday drinks at the office, no joint lunches, no more unexpected meetings / spontaneous brainstorms or small talk at the coffee machine. We want to get back to ‘normal’, but what if this is our chance to create a new and better ‘normal’? What if we can convert the old patterns into new ones? For example, we’re experiencing advantages of this crisis: no commuting, less distraction from colleagues, more spare time, flexibility and we finally found the solution for our overcrowded infrastructure.

We can’t afford to go back, but what is our way forward? Question yourself, what is the purpose of your office in the future? Ask your team what their expectation is of tomorrow’s office? 85% would like to keep working from home (source: So how can we combine the best of both worlds? Our prediction; working from home will be the new standard. Offices will turn into social hubs. A place for inspiration, co-creations and social activities.

Be the frontrunner and redesign the office to its new purpose and facilitate a physical and mental healthy workplace at home.

Tomorrow’s office started yesterday!

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