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How do I find an A-player for my company?



July 30, 2019

August 26, 2020

It is everyone’s dream: to attract the most competent people. To form a strong team that surprises and excels. You can attract those 'A-people' by using your company’s core values. Here's how.

Some candidates do not only rise to their role. They exceed expectations, surprising their colleagues and boss with new and unexpected ideas, whilst complying with the core values of your company. Those 'A-players' come up with smart solutions, execute projects excellently and, for example, attract new clients - even if they do not work in sales.

So as an entrepreneur the first question you need to ask yourself when forming a team is ‘How do I find an A-player that would fit my business?’ To answer that question you need to have a clear overview of your companies’ core values. Ask yourself if you recruit accordingly. If so, how do you do that?

VIE Peoples’ core values are ‘collaborate’, ‘improve’ and ‘be brutally honest’. These core values mean a lot to us, as we always aim to develop and improve our products, services, client relations, ourselves and each other. So we use them to select and recruit staff too. To a potential candidate we might ask: Is personal development important to you? Can you receive feedback constructively? Do you enjoy giving feedback in order to improve your direct environment and the people in it? Someone who is defensive, doesn’t handle feedback well and who focuses mainly on him or herself would not be a good fit for us.  

In our case, giving ‘brutally honest’ feedback about how we perceive a potential candidate during a job interview is a way of using our core values as selection criteria. By closely observing the candidates’ reaction we can gage if he/she would be a good fit to our team. We ask interviewees to reflect on feedback they have received in the past and on whether or not they used it to improve themselves. The answer to this question helps us to determine if the person in front of us is or could become an A-player in our team.

No worries

It is a process of trial and error. Don’t expect to get it right the first time, but start using your companies’ core values as a tool to attract A-players. Evaluate where you have made mistakes and celebrate the times you have nailed it. Learn from experience. That’s what works best.  

Stay tuned for how to attract, keep and lead your A-player.

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