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How do I attract my A-player?



August 12, 2019

August 26, 2020

Now you know how to find an A-player for your company, but where do you find your A-players? How do you approach them and how do you spark their interest? In other words: how do you attract your future A-player?

Attracting your star employees starts with organizing an event tailored to their needs and interests and getting them to attend it.

Sparking curiosity

First of all, making a detailed profile of the type of employee you are looking for helps you to narrow down your search. Define details such as background, personality and interests as accurately as possible. What moves our A-player? What gets him/her up in the morning? Also be aware of the opposite: what does he/she detest?

At VIE People we named our model A-player Daniel. An adventurous explorer, someone who loves helping others and wants to make the world a better place. Daniel is not afraid to make decisions and has a clear no-nonsense attitude. He is ‘brutally honest’ … See how he relates to our core values?

Be visible

To meet Daniel in real life and to create a personal connection we organize a quarterly HR Young meetup. An informal event to inspire young HR professionals by sharing relevant and industry-specific information in an innovative and accessible way. Participants share their experiences and learn from each other.


At VIE People we let our core values guide us when we form relationships. We live by our motto ‘be brutally honest’ by openly sharing our thoughts and feedback with the person in front of us. We ‘collaborate’ by constantly learning from each other. This approach fosters an honest and personal connection and ensures more effective and authentic interactions allowing job candidates to feel safe to speak up and surprise. It creates memorable conversations and Daniel will feel sincerely connected.

How do your core values connect people and how can you use them to your advantage when you meet your potential A-player for the first time? These are questions to think about, but not be overly aware of. Use your intuition to find out what feels good and be yourself. In the end it is your open attitude and personality that will allow a connection to flourish.

Stay tuned for how to keep them inspired once onboard and how to lead your A-player.

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