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A curfew asks for creativity and maybe a new rhythm?

Performance & Productivity


January 20, 2021

February 2, 2021

As shared today by the Dutch government, a curfew is on its way. What are the consequences of a curfew and what does this mean for you, your team and your organisation?

This curfew challenges us to rethink our daily schedule and adapt ourselves to make it work. It could mean that after a day of working from home and possibly homeschooling your children, you prepare dinner for your family and then have to stay home. Not being able to do sports or spend valuable time with friends after work.  You’re only allowed to walk your furry friend, but for those of us who don't have a dog, you need to stay inside until at least 4.00 am. 

How to find another way to exercise or connect? To stay sane in this unrealistic world our advice is to follow legislation and at the same time keep thinking in possibilities! Here are some takeaways:

1. Change your rhythm 

Create a new daily schedule with focus time, meeting time, sports time, homeschooling time, and me-time. Change your evening activities to daytime activities:

  • Invite your friends for lunch instead of dinner, reschedule your exercises to in the afternoon, and have fun with your partner and kids during the day. 
  • Plan your work time during school time for the kids. When they finish, go outside with them, enjoy yourself and finish your work after 8 pm (when they the children are in bed). This gives you the possibility to spend time with your family in the afternoon, and focus on work in the evening. For working parents with young children, this might even be an advantage. 
  • Make sure that your (new) evening working time does not come at the cost of the quality time with your partner, and me-time. Plan enough time to relax and make sure your new work time doesn’t interfere with your night’s rest. 
  • If you change your rhythm, align your availability with colleagues, be very clear about your availability and schedule in your calendar (and for example in the signature of your email/voicemail), and respect each other’s schedule.

2. Stay connected with your colleagues and team members

Ask what they need to stay sane and productive and help them in any way you can. 

3. Create flexibility and stay away from long term goal setting

The feasibility of long-term goals is hard to calculate in times of insecurity, even more so combined with the dynamics of others/children at home. This could make us stressed team members, yelling neighbours and annoying parents... So our advice is to set short term goals, adjust expectations and create flexible deadlines for more adaptability, less stress, and a better overview.

4. Hurry to the asylum and get yourself a dog!

Of course, after you thoroughly checked the consequences and responsibilities which come with having a dog. Not too sure about adopting one? Check out to enjoy and practice walking someone else’s dog first. 

5. And most importantly: be kind to yourself and the people around you

Adjust your expectations because it is simply impossible to keep doing what you always did during these times.

Stay safe, stay connected, be kind, be flexible and keep thinking in possibilities!

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