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5 hacks to survive a slow summer at the office

Performance & Productivity


August 12, 2019

August 26, 2020

Most businesses slow down during the summer season. Employees with kids take their family holidays, clients are out-of-office and the workload lightens. Although it is nice to take a breather from a year’s hard work, this is also a time of opportunity – if managed well. Here’s how to keep your staff motivated during a slow summer.

Brainstorm Monday

Use the first hour of every Monday morning to get your team together for a collective brainstorm on the priorities of the next year. Reflect on how to solve problems encountered in the previous year. Urge your staff to think outside the box using brainstorm exercises to come up with creative ideas on what to take on next.

Invest in a personality test

Investing in personality testing during a day’s workshop will give your employees a unique insight into their strengths and downfalls, their ambitions and position in the company. Who knows, they might surprise you and bring something new to the table during the next Brainstorm Monday.

Flexible Friday

Boost the productivity of your employees by allowing them to take Fridays off from June to September. Long weekends away, a staycation in the summer sun or more time with family will have your staff coming back to work re-energized. If this feels like too big of a step, try experimenting with half-day Fridays or alternating Friday afternoons off. Important is to keep tracking the results so you can choose the summer-schedule that fits your company.

Update your marketing plan

Use the extra time at hand to update your marketing plan. To fuel growth and to keep developing your business, it’s important to carefully evaluate your marketing strategy. Have you been using the same media outlets and templates for years? Maybe it’s time to change it up. Create a content plan, take a social media course, connect with influencers, learn about SEO or update your newsletter template.

Organize a summer event

Hire a DJ and throw a rooftop BBQ for employees and clients. Socializing in an informal setting creates a true team spirit and at the same time provides an excellent opportunity to network. Have ice-creams ready for dessert!

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