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5 hacks to survive a busy summer season at the office

Performance & Productivity


August 12, 2019

August 26, 2020

For businesses that have their peak season in summer, the office can quickly become a dreadful place. Staying focused is difficult when your friends are posting photos of palm trees and cocktails and when the beach is calling. Here’s what to do to keep your staff motivated when the temperatures are rising as much as the workload.

Working 40 hours in 4 days

If a summer schedule with less working hours feels like too big of a risk, try compressing the 40 hours in 4 days. 10-hour workdays seem long, but if the reward is a 3-day weekend your employees will thank you later.

Freebie Friday

Holding special events throughout the summer months helps to keep staff happy after a long week of hard work. Prosecco and oysters after work, a free massage the next week and an Italian ice cream cart the week after. It takes a bit of planning, but the gesture goes a long way.  

Relaxed dress code

Sitting at a sweltering non-airconditioned office in a button-up shirt and tie can feel claustrophobic. Grooming to perfection takes time too. Cut your employees some slack and allow them some extra sleep or time to themselves in the morning by introducing a relaxed dress code. They’ll be eternally grateful if they can come to work in a breezy-but-not-so-formal summer dress instead of spending those precious morning minutes dolling up for work.

Work from home on any chosen day of the week

Show your team some appreciation for their hard work by allowing them to work from home on a day of their choosing. It might feel counterproductive, but the staff will reward your trust with hard work.

Outdoors refreshment cart

Even at the busiest times taking small breaks clears and resets the mind, leading to a more effective workflow. Providing a refreshment cart in the courtyard of your office is a great way for staff to get some fresh air and break away from the desk. Offer cold drinks, beers or a cool watermelon salad for free or on donation. If you have no garden or courtyard, then having the cart indoors is fine too. Optional is to write a sign encouraging them to take a walk around the block. They’ll come back feeling refreshed and energized.

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