Corona Downloads


Corona Downloads

Download our FAQ about what and how to communicate with your employees, about variations of leave, work-life balance and terms & conditions. And a separate download with all information on the NOW fund (for dutch companies).

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Corona Impact FAQ NOW Fund Information
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Being the nr 1 people partner for clients and the world around us.
That’s why we joined the BCorp movement!

BCorp provides a solid foundation. It helps us focus and inspires us to do better as we are scaling our company.

Our customer

It started with a brilliant idea, the unwavering ambition to change the world and making a mark and to build a company that inspires to grow without losing connection with what is really important. How to scale and yet keep the drive, footprint and high energy?

Our impact

VIE People focuses on continuous development and improvement of your people by tackling the right challenge at the right time and help you shape an inspiring culture!

The power of our VIE People!

At VIE People we have a strong and unique culture. We believe in equality, fairness and inclusiveness, we embrace and celebrate our differences. Every VIE’ers is guard keeper of  our culture.

Read our Code of Ethics
Our suppliers

Companies and their people can make an impact by making our world more sustainable, equal, cleaner and more social. That is why we intentionally search to work with suppliers that want to make this impact together.

Read our Supplier Code of Conduct
1% pledge

The “1% pledge” - a global movement - fits us like a glove. That is why we donate 1% of our profit to charities and offer our employees to dedicate 1% of their time on community work.

HR Kickoff
BCorp - using business as a force for good

B Corps form a community of leaders and drive a global movement of people using business as a force for good. The BCorp community works toward a common goal by harnessing the power of business.

Learn more about B Corp
Food Line Up
Through the intervision sessions and systems thinking cases that we discuss with each other, you gain new insights and it is made concrete in such a way that you can really improve the case you bring in!


Always with the view: "How does this really work for this team or the customer? There is no one size fits all. Keep “zooming out”, challenging and questioning yourself and each other; is this correct? Our attitude: We don't know better, but we can make it better together.


We do not talk about each other, but with each other and will always hold up a mirror to our customers.



Get in touch!

Reindert Kriek
Susanne Boot

VIE People

+31 633425136

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